Where do we register our hostel or property with Hostel Movement?

Here's the link to register your hostel or property: https://www.hostelmovement.com/work-with-us


Do you only focus on hostels?

No, we don’t solely focus on hostels, in reality, we focus on the backpacker market and everything in between.


I am already with other OTA’s Can I join Hostel Movement?

Definitely and here is the link to register https://www.hostelmovement.com/work-with-us.


Can you provide me with a booking widget and a free template website?

Yes, we can provide you with a free template website and a booking widget with very reasonable booking commissions.


I don’t have all the answers during the registration process?

That is nothing to worry about as all the info is saved as long as the correct email and contact details are entering we can come back to you and help with property details.


I am a small Hostel/property is it hard to manage?

We try our best to make the system for you to be as easy as possible and we will work with you to ensure that you can manage your listing by yourself.


Do you have the tools to ensure my revenue can be fully utilised?

Yes we have tools where you can offer different rates for different days, quickly lower rates on the day for instant adjustment for immediate action, set Minimum length of stay during busy times of the year and more click here to register and see what we have https://www.hostelmovement.com/work-with-us.


What is Hostel Movement?

Hostel Movement is focusing on travellers that usually like to stay in hostels but not necessarily just Hostels, We have a goal to become a one-stop-shop for everything for a Hostel and hostel user.


Do I need to verify a reservation?

No, we will automatically notify the Backpacker that the booking has been confirmed unless you receive a specific notification to contact the Backpacker we will do all the work for you to help reduce your jobs and make it easier for you.


What happens if a Backpacker Doesn’t arrive and does not contact us?

You are able to process the payment for a no show if the Backpacker has booked using a credit or debit card please let us know and we will send you the information.


What happens if the backpacker wants to cancel there booking in the agreed time frame?

You are able to do this within the portal and a confirmation will be sent to the backpacker to ensure that this is the case. Please ensure that the Backpacker emails you this request to minimise any potential disagreements.


We don’t provide 24-hour reception is that okay?                                                                 

Yes, of course, that is fine as a lot of small properties don’t have 24-hour check-in. If the Backpacker has to come outside of reception hours please work a way that the backpacker can check-in outside normal reception hours and also ideally ensure the backpacker pays you prior to arrival to ensure no risks of non-payment.


Can I Make Changes to my listing?

Of course, you can and we encourage you to make regular changes for events, busy times, quiet times or even if you just want to update your listing or if you have made changes to your property.


How do I know that I have received a new booking?

All bookings that are made will be sent to you via email and you can also view the emails into your portal under “bookings”.


What if my Hostel Doesn’t accept Credit cards?                                                              

That is fine and common in some countries we will work with the backpacker and let them know prior to arriving and also this can be included in the booking confirmation at the time the Backpacker makes a booking. If you are required to process a virtual credit card for the process of booking we will work with you to ensure that you can get paid in an alternative manner.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Can you give us some help with dealing with a negative review?

Trying to acknowledge the review I a caring manner is the best way and if required informing the backpacker that you will make changes to improve. If the review has bad language or is rude or you dispute the review please contact us to help as we may be able to help with the review.


Can we display My Guest reviews from people using Hostel Movement on my personal website?

Of course, you can and we will be more than happen to help you with this please contact us for further information.


Why should I spend time on my Listing page?

Spending time to make the listing page as informative and detailed as possible with good photo’s and well-documented services and hostel equipment etc for the backpackers to have access to but at the same time easy to understand is super important for you to ensure that guest book without hesitation and helps the backpacker visualise there stay with you.


Should I keep an eye on my Hostel Score?

Yes, of curse you should and try and reply to reviews in a professional and courteous manner some people are simply hard to please. If we see a common trend in one particular Backpacker is constantly posting negative reviews at various hostels and if the other hostels don’t get bad reviews. We will then contact the hostel and backpacker to see if there are any issues also if you see this trend please feel free to contact us. It could be as simple as the backpacker is new to hostels and does not know what to expect regardless please contact us and we may be able to help.


Are points of Interest relevant?

Yes, they definitely are because it helps show the backpackers what they can see and do when visiting your hostel or property and it also helps give the backpacker a reason to book.


For any other specific requests please contact us on info@hostelmovement.com


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