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Platform refers to our websites, our registered social media pages, our registered phone applications and any other digital content provider such as our emails and other marketing tools.


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"Backpacker" on this website is you the customer and or person (s) making the booking.
"Hostel" is the accommodation provider which also includes but not limited to Hotel, Motel, Bed And Breakfast, Resort, Homestay, Lodge and Campsite/ Camping ground.  Also, we may refer to Travel services provider when referring to the hostel where you stay at for your booking.


About us

For further information about Hostelmovement, please see the About Us section of the Hostelmovement website. If you would like to contact us in relation to your use of the Hostelmovement. Platforms, or in connection with a booking of travel services, please email us at



We facilitate the processing and booking of accommodation and other travel services relating to the backpacker market. We do not provide, own or run any travel services ourselves and in particular, we do not provide, own or run any Hostels.


You confirm that you are of sufficient age to use the Hostelmovement Platforms lawfully, enter into a contract and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of the Hostelmovement Platforms. You understand that you will be financially responsible for all uses of the Hostelmovement Platforms by you and those using your log-in information.


When you make a booking using the Hostelmovement Platforms, you agree to enter into a contract for travel services and your contract for travel services (including accommodation) is with the travel services provider, not Hostelmovement, as we are only acting as an agent for the travel services provider. It is the travel services provider's responsibility to provide you with travel services. We are not responsible for the fulfillment of any booking made through the Hostelmovement Platforms or for the quality of any accommodation or any other travel services that are booked.


There are 3 types of bookable options when booking a room or bed:
(Deposit booking, Zero deposit or no credit card/ digital wallet booking and Full Payment Booking)


A)  Deposit booking

HM is going to collect a deposit from you when you make a booking via HM when making a deposit style booking and paying the balance in full on arrival at the hostel. HM will collect this money which is termed as a deposit at the exact time that the booking has been made via online via debit or credit card or any internet payment method. The deposit will be a percentage of the total price of all of the nights that you stay that you book at the hostel via HM website. If you have made a booking with a credit or debit card or booked with a digital wallet then as security for the balance of the booking your card or account will be held as security for the balance to pay on arrival. The information held by HM will only be given to the Hostel if the hostel is PCI Compliant then HM can give the credit card information within the secure Hostelmovement platform that won't be accessible to any other hostels and governed by the hostels PCI compliance rules and regulations and digital wallets rules and regulations. HM is governed by. By booking on you consent to this to happen.


The hostel is responsible for collecting the remainder of the balance that you will be required to pay for at the time of check-in and or arrival. The amount collected will be stated on the booking and the Hostel is not to add any resort fees on top of the stated booking receipt already made via HM and to you. The hostel is not to collect any money until you have arrived at the hostel to check-in. The only exception is if this has been stated in the property information or in the booking confirmation email or if you have stated that you will be arriving outside reception hours and have requested for access to your room which you and the hostel will need to communicate prior to the day of arrival ideally. HM will give access to your credit card details through HM extranet/ back office in a secure system to the hostel providing that the hostel has a merchant account with their bank and is up to date and current PCI Compliance as well as compliance procedures set out by the Hostels banking Rules and also within HM PCI Rules only then will the credit card details will be given to the hostel so that (a) the full balance of the stay can be processed when you check-in after hours. (b) The cancellation fee as described earlier.


If you fail to arrive at the hostel and are a no-show, then the hostel can charge the full night of your first night only less the deposit that you have already paid. Unless a different cancellation fee has been stated that is clearly visible for you that make the booking on HM then no other additional cancellation fees can be processed.


The hostel is responsible for updating and maintaining the pricing for its beds and or rooms through the hostel’s manager extranet portal. Any mistakes made are the responsibility of the hostels if the hostel accidentally under charges for a bed or room and you then book and that rate that has been made available on HM website then the hostel must not force you to pay the difference, the hostel must honour that booking.


B) Zero deposit or Non-credit card Non-digital wallet payment Booking

If the booking is where no payment is taken when you make the booking but all the rest of the booking is completed under a "zero deposit booking system". You are to pay the hostel in full booking on arrival. 


If the Hostel checks you in and during your stay you decide to decrease your stay the Hostel must still collect all of the Commission that is due to be paid to HM as if you are to stay for your entire stay and the hostel is to pay HM  you can apply for a credit to be used for your future stay in a later at the same hostel or at a different hostel this will be explained in more detail directly with you if you wish to decrease your stay and apply for a credit for your future stay. 


C) Full Payment Booking

Full payment bookings will usually be at a cheaper rate to encourage you to make an instant booking in full payment this gives hostel the assurance you will be arriving and are fully committed to your stay.


Also when making a full payment the credit card company charges a large commission to process your credit card that they charge us and when you decide that you wish to cancel your booking there is no way for HM to receive their money back that is paid to the Bank for processing your credit card.  


1.1 Full payment booking can be both refundable and non-refundable refundable: 

If you wish to book and pay for your booking and make full payment at the time of your booking then if you wish to cancel and receive a refund then for the portion of the part due to the hostel can be fully refunded but you must notify the hostel please do this in writing via email 14 days prior to arrival and please ensure you also notify HM in the email as the hostel does not get paid until after your check-in date.

E.g. Booking is made for $100 on 1/1/2020 due to arrive on 20/6/2020, as long as the backpacker notifies the hostel and HM that they wish to cancel on or prior to 31/5/2020 then the refund will be as follows $92 will be credited back onto the card $8 will be credited to you that can be used as a travel voucher please contact HM directly if wanting to use the voucher for any future bookings. 


The Credit will be applicable for 2 years from the date of expected original arrival for the example above voucher will be valid until 20/6/2022.


1.2 Non-refundable Booking 

There is no refund once this booking is made however if you contact the hostel 14 days prior to arrival they may be able to accommodate you in at a different time however this will be at the full discretion of the hostel and cannot be guaranteed as this booking made is a non-refundable booking. 

Making and Cancelling a Booking

Deposit Booking

When making a deposit booking, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit when doing a deposit only booking this also applies when making a full payment booking (being a part payment towards the total value of your booking) which will always be non-refundable unless the Standard Flexible Booking option is available and that you choose this option, in which case the deposit will be credited back to your account if you cancel your booking in certain circumstances. We collect this deposit for and on behalf of the relevant travel services provider. This is applicable to Deposit bookings and Full payment bookings when booking without credit card or zero deposit booking the hostel will pay HM for processing your booking. 


You may also be required to pay a flat booking fee, which is our fee for making the booking. Where we charge a booking fee, it is non-refundable in all circumstances. This will be on specific cases and will be clearly labeled properly to you before making the payment or confirming confirmation of your booking.


You will be responsible to the travel services provider on arrival for payment of the balance of the cost of the booking made by you, together with any other payments for any additional services subsequently agreed with the travel services provider where applicable, payment of the travel services provider's service charges and taxes, pursuant to the terms and conditions of trade applied by such travel services provider. But these costs cannot be hidden costs such as resort fees.


When booking using a debit card or Credit card or with a digital wallet. By making a booking with your credit card or debit card, you agree to accept the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of the travel services provider as set out in its terms and conditions. In the situation that you cancel your booking outside the permitted timeframe specified in the travel service provider’s terms and conditions (or if you fail to arrive by your agreed check-in time), you give authorization to the travel services provider to charge to your credit card or debit card without further reference to you an amount not exceeding the charge for one night's stay (in the case of accommodation) or such other amount as may be set out in the travel service provider's terms and conditions. Please note that there will be no additional charges for cancellations or no-shows in respect of Non-Refundable Bookings, but you will not be refunded the cost of any part of your booking in such circumstances if the charges do not go over these amounts.


Your non-arrival by the agreed check-in time may result in the cancellation of your entire booking. Any amendments to your booking must be notified to and agreed with the travel services provider directly (but no refund of all or any part of the deposit will be made). Please note it is not possible to amend Non-Refundable Bookings. In making a booking, it will be your responsibility to disclose to the travel services provider any requirements or special facilities that you or a member of your party may need as a result of any medical conditions.


When a booking is confirmed we will issue the booking confirmation on behalf of the travel services provider for each booking, but will not provide information about any charges for additional services. We will endeavour to ensure that the booking confirmation includes details of all taxes charged by the travel services provider. We strongly recommend you check and confirm with the travel services provider the precise terms and conditions upon which the travel services provider makes the reserved service available to you upon receipt of the booking confirmation. The reference numbers included on the booking confirmation should be quoted in all enquiries, cancellation or modification of the booking.

You may cancel your booking in accordance with the cancellation policy of the provider as disclosed on the booking confirmation and detailed property description page; this must be at least 24 hours before your agreed check-in date or whatever the hostel has set out for there, policy viewable when making a booking and also on the booking receipt emailed to you as your booking confirmation. Please cancel by accessing the cancellation function available on the Hostelmovement Platforms or email the hostel directly and ensure that you save you email for any reference required at a later date.


If you choose the Standard Flexible Booking option when making your booking (where it is available) you may be charged a small fee and, in return, if you later decide to cancel your booking, your deposit will be credited back to your Hostelmovement account in US Dollars (provided you have given the period of notice required by the travel services provider, for which please see its terms) and you will be able to re-use that credit amount for future bookings on our site for a period of 12 months on and from the cancellation date. Where you originally paid your deposit in a currency other than US Dollars, we will convert the booking deposit amount into US Dollars using Hostelmovement standard exchange rates for the purpose of crediting it to your Hostelmovement account. 


If your booking is not a Non-Refundable Booking, and you did not select the Standard Flexible Booking option or the Standard Flexible Booking option is not available, your booking will automatically be deemed a Non-Flexible Booking.


Where you select Standard Flexible Booking (where it is available) for your booking, the following provisions will apply:


(a) Your deposit will be credited back where:

1.1 You have given at least 24 hours’ notice prior to your check-in for your accommodation or other travel services for your cancellation that is required by the travel services provider in its Terms and Conditions and, in any event.


1.2 You have processed your cancellation online through the cancellation function available on the Hostelmovement Platforms.


1.3 You have cancelled your full booking (partial cancellations, such as cancellations of 1 night of a 2-night stay, are not protected by cancellation protection).


1.4 Your cancellation credit will be applied to the account which is linked in our records to the email address that was used to process the initial booking. Credit cannot be applied to an account that does not relate to the booking email address.


1.5 Cancellation credit must be used within 12 months of the cancellation date, after which it is forfeited. Credit will not be applied to your account in respect of cancellations made by telephone or email.

In order for you to use your cancellation credit, simply go to and make a booking using the same email address. Your credit will be automatically applied to your booking once you confirm the reservation.


1.6 Credit may only be used once. Where you cancel any subsequent bookings, you must have selected the Standard Flexible Booking option for those bookings in order for your deposit(s) to be protected and credited back to your account.


(b) Cancellation credit only applies to deposits for accommodation bookings.

In the event of a no-show without cancellation (or where insufficient notice is given of a cancellation in accordance with these and/or the travel services provider's terms and conditions) all deposits, including deposits paid through the Standard Flexible Booking option, will be non-refundable and the travel services provider will have the right to charge your credit card for 1-night stay unless it is stated in your specific booking that you can be charged for more and they the hostel displays this information on the hostel details page at time of booking for you to see.


The deposit and the booking fee that you pay will be converted into equivalent to New Zealand Dollars most likely when making your booking. Where the accommodation price was uploaded by the travel services provider in a different currency you will see the amount that the deposit will be charged in New Zealand dollars at the time of booking for your reference we use this currency converter


Liability and Disclaimers

We cannot take any responsibility for the quality or the details of any service or product that you book or purchase. We do not warrant that information published on the website will be error-free. All liabilities for the offered products and services are solely between the Offering Party and the User. You are solely responsible for reviewing the Offering Party's terms and conditions of trade that will apply to your purchase of any products/services. A listing on or its other platforms is not an endorsement of the quality of any good or service offered by the Offering Party. Hostelmovement recommends that you check guidebooks, Hostelmovement reviews and rankings and third party information to inform In the event of a problem arising with your accommodation or other travel services, you should contact the travel services provider.


If you have a problem with the booking that you have made via the Hostelmovement Platforms please contact us directly via


We are acting solely as an agent on behalf of the travel service provider and, as such, we are not a party to the contract between you and the travel services provider for the provision of travel services (including accommodation) and we have no responsibility or liability to you in respect of the terms of that contract. For example, we are not responsible for:


The accuracy or completeness of the descriptions of accommodation and other travel services (including rates, availability and ratings) that are displayed on the Hostelmovement Platforms, or the quality or fitness for purpose of the accommodation and other travel services that are or may be booked through the Hostelmovement Platforms.


The fulfillment of a booking made through the Hostelmovement Platforms, including any acts or omissions of travel services providers, any cancellation of a booking by a travel services provider for any reason whatsoever or any failure to provide all or any part of the booked service by that provider; or Any error or failure in the making or recording of a booking which is due to any circumstances that are outside our control (such as a power failure).


Neither we nor any of our directors, employees, affiliates or other representatives will be liable to you (or any member of your corporate group, your affiliates or any other person or party who has an interest in the booking) for (i) indirect, punitive, special or consequential loss or damages, (ii) loss of data, income, profits, business, opportunity, reputation, goodwill or (iii) loss of or damage to property, in each case arising out of or in connection with the use of any information, products, services, facilities and/or the materials offered through the Hostelmovement Platforms, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such loss or damage, or such loss or damages were reasonably foreseeable.


Our maximum aggregate liability to you (and any other party that has an interest in the booking) in relation to any booking made through us (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) shall be limited solely to the value of the booking fee that has been paid for that booking.


We have not visited all the accommodation listed on the Hostelmovement Platforms and we do not carry out routine checks of the accommodation. The listing of any travel services (including accommodation) on the Hostelmovement Platforms is not and should not be taken as a specific 




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