Aminiasi Navunitale

New booking for Eagles Nest in Auckland is confirmed!

Booking ID: 237801138

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Eagles Nes Bookings

Eagles Nest

Whaigareh, New Zealand

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Booking Id: 237801138
Guests: 2
Check In: 15/5/2019
Check Out: 15/5/2019
Number of Nights Booked 2
Lead Guest Aminiasi Navunitale
Arrival Time 02:00 PM
Room/Bed Price Nights Total
1 x Double Room USD6.91 2 USD6.91
2 x Dorm Mix 9 USD196.92 2 USD393.84
Total Cost USD400.75
Deposit Paid USD36.07
Balance to be paid on Arrival USD36.07

Special Request:

Please ensure that I have a room that is ground floor if possible or room with a ramp to my room due to bad joints, please contact me if this is not possible.

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